secure CLOUD based

Login securely from home or office, even use your SMARTPHONE or TABLET.  COMPASS' highly secure Amazon AWS Cloud-based security quickly sets what department and staff you can see based on our seamless interface with your HRIS system.  COMPASS automatically handles new hires, transfers, and terminations. All from the safety and security of the Compass Cloud.

the most easy to use & the most COMPREHENSIVE PRODUCT available

over 2500 job titles

A lot of products claim to have a lot of job descriptions, but they're shells in comparison, COMPASS actually covers 2500 job titles in over 400 departments, COMPASS IS THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE

highly objective weights

COMPASS' 2 stage weighting system provides the most objective system on the market today. You weight a section, then weight every element in that section, the result is COMPASS IS THE MOST OBJECTIVE MERIT PAY SYSTEM.

over 25000 competencies

A lot of products claim to have a lot of competencies, but they're general terms applying to everyone. COMPASS actually does, and they're highly specific, COMPASS IS THE MOST DETAILED

Performance Evaluation and Job Description Development Software with Advanced Metrics Tracking


easy to use quick training

COMPASS Cloud emails your manager a notification, and in a few clicks they're logged in and running an eval.  We all get busy in our day, so you can simply click save and come back anytime to finish up where you left off.  Our Cloud-based training literally will have your organization up and running in minutes, not days or weeks.

completely paperless with

pay for performance

COMPASS gives you built in objective Merit Pay/Pay for Performance with every job title. Every year we bring hundreds of thousands of dollars back to the bottom line while providing the best most objective evaluations available.


“We have been getting a lot of wonderful comments about Compass. Our leadership team is really enjoying the on-line system for completing their Associate evaluations. A Director called yesterday to say how great a system it is. To quote her "It is the best thing since evaluations were invented. It was quick and easy and I put more detail in than I usually would typing them up the old way." The e-Signature and paperless process has tremendously increased productivity and organizational compliance and efficiency ..."
- Cristy Rodriguez
Human Resources
Holy Cross Hospital