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Performance Evaluation and Job Description Development Software with Advanced Metrics Tracking
Compass Mission Statement: 

To improve customer experiences by supporting our clients in creating a highly objective environment of accountability for all workers through market leading technology that provides detailed job descriptions with position-specific competency criteria driven by clear evaluation standards. Compass ensures the highest possible level of service to each customer population served...

COMPASS currently has tens of thousands of professionals being managed by its system. COMPASS was founded by experienced business professionals and technologists to automate the most frustrating and difficult parts of maintaining current and appropriate job descriptions, measuring professional performance and maintaining appropriate documentation. COMPASS has targeted its products for several markets. These markets consist of Cities, Municipalities, Hospitals, Extended Care Facilities, Government and International Healthcare Organizations, Physician Practices, Healthcare Staffing Agencies and Manufacturing Companies. In addition to our many prestigious U.S. Hospitals and Cities, COMPASS currently counts among its clients one of Southeast Asia’s premier healthcare organizations


Alexander Vigliotti – President & Chief Technology Officer- Mr. Vigliotti brings over 20 years of experience building and managing compliance and healthcare software companies.  His business and technology management experience has guided his software companies to become award winning software developers, which, ultimately, have been successfully acquired.  Mr. Vigliotti provides COMPASS with sound leadership for our technology and business initiatives.  He lead the development of software winning the Windows Win100 Award for Best Software a record 3 times, Advisor to universities on technology curriculum, named inventor for several patents including the technology for 340b "cheap drugs for the poor", as well as advisor to the United Kingdom College of Nursing on healthcare competency standards. Mr. Vigliotti is the founder and inventor of Compass. 

Dr. Tom Schneider  – Chief Medical Officer -  Creative wellness expert, surgeon, family physician, bariatrician, facial plastic surgeon, pain mgt physician, ENT surgeon, Wellness/Regenerative medicine physician, navy fighter pilot, author, speaker, triathlete, proud father, devoted husband and all around ethical good guy.  Published Author - "A Physician's Apology: Are We Making You Sick?" Doctor of Medicine (MD), Surgery/Family Practice from Georgetown University School of Medicine, and the credits go on and on.  Dr. Tom's experience, resume, and wealth of knowledge is so broad and accomplished we are honored and humbled he is our CMO.

Dr. Denis Frank - Principal Joint Commission Advisor -Dr Frank is a well credentialed well traveled and seasoned healthcare professional actively assessing the Joint Commission accreditation compliance of hospitals across the country.  As a current Joint Commission Surveyor in the field, Compass benefits immeasurably from his hands on front line experience with the challenges facing today's Hospital in America.  His keen insight is instrumental in the development of our products to ensure we are meeting the core needs and issues facing healthcare organizations across America.

Fred Brown, FACHE - Principal Compliance Advisor - Mr. Brown is the recent past Chairman of the Joint Commission and his impressive and extensive experience in Healthcare provides COMPASS with invaluable expertise in Hospital administration as well as understanding the intricacies of the Joint Commission.  As Chairman of the Joint Commission, Mr. Brown has a unique insight into the inner-workings of the Joint Commission and its relationship with healthcare in America. COMPASS is a grateful benefactor of that insight.

Donna Vitale - Principal Healthcare Systems and Methods Sales and Marketing Advisor -
Ms. Vitale is a seasoned healthcare professional with extensive management experience in medical sales and marketing strategy and advises Compass on our leading edge technology products. Ms. Vitale's experience with the many intricacies of clinical healthcare provide Compass with a unique perspective on the many challenges facing today's hospital in America.  Her ability to relate to the hospital staff's issues are invaluable to our success in building and marketing better healthcare software systems.

Gary O'Connor - Senior Vice President Business Development - As a 25 year veteran of the financial services industry, Mr O'Connor has been a major contributor to the success of several investment firms in both New York City and Florida. Gary first became involved with healthcare while being part of an investment banking group focusing on biotechnology and later with managed care facilities. Throughout his career, Gary has consistently been a key thought leader and integral factor in building highly successful organizations. At Compass, Gary brings passionate leadership and executive experience with an unconventional style that successfully delivers the Compass message and mission statement to hospitals and healthcare organizations all across America. An alumnus of St. John's University in NY, Gary is a resident of Boca Raton, FL with his wife and family. He is an avid sportsman and fisherman, and active conservationist of Florida's Everglades. We are proud and fortunate to have Gary at the helm of our business development organization.

Dr. Gene Le Borne - Healthcare Operations Advisor and Board Advisor
- Dr. Le Borne has been an advisor to COMPASS since 2010.  After retiring from military service he began his second career in health services.  He has in excess of 40 years executive manager experience in health services. His experience has been in skilled nursing, acute care, dialysis, and in home health.  As a skilled nursing administrator he wrote an Administrator training manual and it became widely used within California Healthcare market.  Gene has held several positions in acute care including chief executive officer and chief financial officer.  He has founded multi-million dollar Healthcare facilities and has served as Vice President (Director) Relocation and Business Development, Singapore Pte Ltd. He is a strong, dynamic and successful business developer. His leadership attributes led to successful Business growth for various entities. Dr. Le Borne is a Doctorate of Philosophy, has a Master of Arts degree conferred in Public Administration and Business Administration and has a Bachelor of Arts degree conferred in Economics and Business Administration. He studied at Western State School of Law for two years.  Gene is versed in industrial engineering and has worked professionally in the industry. He attended and graduated from the School of Industrial Engineering. Compass is very grateful for the unique insight and guidance we are afforded by the shear breadth of Dr. Le Borne's industry knowledge.