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…Built by  R.N.’s and Healthcare Professionals, Compass is focused on improving patient care by helping us create a healthcare environment based on competence and accountability.  By managing the competency and performance assessment process with Compass we always know how our organization is performing – Online, from Anywhere, Anytime.”  

- Karen Frazier, VP HR

The George Washington University Hospital



THE Most Comprehensive

Performance Management Software For Cities, Healthcare and Manufacturing

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The Compass Advantage

Job Descriptions

COMPASS has multiple layers of weighting of every Performance Element scored.  The result is the most highly objective highly refined Pay For Performance Modeling Metrics available.


COMPASS has the most refined detailed performance and competency evaluation content on the market, bar none.  With over 2500 position descriptions from the most technical RN and Lab Techs, to the IT, Admin, and Maintenance staff.

Compass is the easiest to use and train whilst also the most comprehensive evaluation product on the market today.  Compass Secure Cloud based training is 15 minutes, a large hospital trained 400 managers with an email and a 6 page guide.

COMPASS is fully integrated with your HRIS, it automatically handles new hires terms transfers and all the security along with them.  After implemented the only data you enter is when you perform an Eval.


Performance Evals

  • Hands Off Implementation- We Do It All
  • Over 2500 Highly Detailed Job Descriptions
  • 15 minute Manager Training - Easy to Use
  • World Class Technology - We Handle All IT
  • Over 25000 Clinical and Non Clinical KPI's
  • Legal Compliance and Risk Management
  • Path To Improvement or Rightful Termination
  • Fully Integrated to Your HRIS - No Data Entry
  • Fully Customizable or Turnkey or Both
  • Built-In Weighted, Stratified, Objective Merit Pay/Pay-For-Performance Modeling